Get a fresh perspective on capacity planning.

PlanRight enhances your ability to capacity plan - helping you to scale your offering, provide better service and become more profitable.


Full visibility

Get an instant view over all your projects - the tasks allocated to each person and when they are doing it. As well as seeing all work that's been scheduled, you'll also be able to track people's individual progress on projects.


Real-time insights

Avoid work flow surprises and give yourself the flexibility to accommodate work changes easily by seeing exactly who has capacity and who's overbooked - instantly.



Plans can change suddenly. People get sick, project timings get pushed out - clients need additional work. PlanRight can be updated and recalibrated in no time, so you can reconfigure the team's capacity and react instantly to any changes that come your way.


Simple to use

Bold graphics, multiple filters and easy-to-use 'drag and drop' management means everyone can get up and running quickly and simply.



Scheduling in work becomes incredibly efficient with the clever dashboard showing you exactly who has, or hasn't, got capacity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Improved communication

Letting your team know about workflow planning is straight forward and painless. Everyone simply logs into PlanRight for an instant snapshot of what's been allocated, removing any need to send additional emails or messages about workflow plans.


See the big picture and the granular detail.

Give your team visibility and focus on their daily, weekly or monthly priorities.


Weekly Planning

See the gaps and fill them in. Prioritising work for the week is easy and efficient. A quick glance at the Capacity Bar shows you exactly how much work has been planned and completed.

  • Plan and visualise your week out to six weeks
  • Drag and drop to assign
  • Split tasks between people and timings
  • Heat map capacity graphs or amount of work planned and completed
  • Drill into daily planning or zoom out to six weeks
  • Drill into tasks for more information, logging time or setting reminders
  • Enter effort as hours or a percentage to allocate
  • Repeat tasks

Monthly Planning

See the bigger picture at a glance. Allocating work to staff and planning over a month, or the year, is straightforward with tasks clearly split into three different categories: Ongoing (over a period) Fixed (must be done in a month), Variable (flexible timing over a period).

  • Great option for yearly planning
  • Work is split between fixed and variable
  • Know what work has flexibility of scheduling
  • 'Task List' helps manage type and status of work
  • Drag and drop to assign
  • Drill into tasks for more information, logging time or seting reminders
  • Heat map capacity graphs or amount of work planned and completed
  • Task defaults for scheduling in bulk
  • Compare staff capacity and re-allocate with ease

Progress Planning

Get an immediate visual on where things are at. Staff can easily record their progress on a project or task by logging time, adding notes and seting reminders. Enabling you to keep track of all jobs and tasks, from start to finish.


Everyone can PlanRight

Give your team visibility and focus on their daily, weekly or monthly priorities.

PlanRight Team
$49 p/m

Ideal for any number of users, PlanRight Team gives you a granular view of your scheduling and the ability to future-plan more confidently.

  • Includes first 5 Users

  • Sync with XPM & WFM

  • Track Capacity for Whole Team

  • Record Time, Notes & Status of Tasks

  • Automatic Task Reminder Emails

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PlanRight Premium
$149 p/m

Well suited to larger organisations, PlanRight Premium includes everything from PlanRight Team along with three additional powerful features:

  • Includes first 5 Users

  • Track Capacity for Whole Team

  • Automatic Task Reminder Emails

  • Bookings Function

  • Sync with XPM & WFM

  • Record Time, Notes & Status of Tasks

  • Rollover Jobs Monthly or Annually

  • Skills Matrix

Rollover Jobs Monthly or Annually

Our Rollover page enables you to create duplicates of jobs for the following month or year in bulk. Ideal for businesses that repeat the same client work monthly or annually.

Bookings Function

Schedule bookings using job numbers and tasks that have been imported into PlanRight from WorkFlowMax and Xero Practice Manager - perfect for companies that need to book times and locations of jobs.

Skills Matrix

Custom skill groups and self selection mean staff can assign their own skillsets and level of experience to allow workflow planners to choose the right people for the tasks.

Try PlanRight for free

Additional Staff

$50 p/m for bands of 5 additional staff

0 Additional Staff
+$0 p/m


Good to know

Made in New Zealand

PlanRight is created and supported by the innovative team at EndGame, so you'll always have timely access to support.

Per-person pricing

Both the people who schedule and the people who are being scheduled count towards per person pricing.


Q. Can I use PlanRight if I don't currently use WorkFlowMax or Xero Practice Manager?

A. No. PlanRight is currently designed to only sync Job and task data from WorkFlowMax or Xero Practice Manager. However this means your workflow manager and job scheduling are seamlessly integrated.

Q. Is there a limit to how many staff can be managed in PR?

A. You can schedule 1 - 150 staff in PlanRight. Get in touch with us if you want to schedule more than that.

Q. Does PlanRight have reporting?

A. PlanRight doesn't currently have any reporting functionality. However WorkFlowMax or Xero Practice Manager has a powerful report builder and custom reports can be built there based on information synced from PlanRight.

Q. Does PlanRight have a mobile app?

A. No we don't yet have a mobile app. However we are cross-browser friendly including mobile browsers.

Q. Is it possible to block out annual leave/weekends/public holidays?

A. We suggest using a leave job to block out leave/standard non working days.

Q. Can we view by job/project instead of staff?

A. This functionality is on our roadmap and due out very soon.

Have other questions that need answering?
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Who's using PlanRight?

All sorts of businesses are already using PlanRight to plan and manage their projects and workflow.

"Accurate planning and management of project workflow in our busy studio has become an easier task since we subscribed to PlanRight. A plug-in to WorkFlowMax and Xero Practice Manager, PlanRight is simple to use, and gives everyone visibility and focus on daily priorities. Contact PlanRight for a demo if you are running a studio and need a streamlined solution. I'm also happy to talk about how it has improved the Marx business, get in touch if you'd like a user experience."

Janine Bickerton, General Manager, Marx Design, New Zealand

" we can see when we need more staff or work ...which means happy staff and happy clients - more balance and fewer unplanned surprises."

Lynda Henderson, Firebrand, New Zealand

"just watched the demo - this is a game-changer! ...I'm really impressed with PlanRight. I see a lot of apps and it's not ofen I see one that I want to adopt into our tool-kit, so nice work."

Will McTavish, Link Solutions, New Zealand